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Anxiety Management in Grand Prairie

Anxiety Management
  1. Ever feel nervous about your dentist’s appointment?
  2. Is the thought of a dental procedure stressing you out?
  3. Do you feel scared looking at those dental instruments?
4 Signs You Have Dental Anxiety:

4 Signs You Have Dental Anxiety:

These signs indicate dental anxiety, which is a common phenomenon as many people fear dental procedures. Many people display this in a different manner and stress can be a result of a combination of several fears. Most often, the identification of the ‘true fear’ can help us and yourself to deal with the problem. Here is a look at some of the common fears:

  1. Fear of dentists in general which is usually due to a bad experience in the past
  2. Fear of embarrassment, where patients feel that the dentist might judge them or lecture about oral hygiene.
  3. Fear of pain due to the dental procedures.
  4. Fear of losing control, either due to fear of the dentist or a lack of trust in the dentist.

Do You Have Any of the Signs of Anxiety and Fear as Mentioned Above?

If yes, we encourage you to contact Fresh Family Dental Clinic and speak to Dr. Patel about treatment options for dental phobia. At Fresh Family Dental Clinic, we ensure that the patients have the best dental experience and this has been accomplished by:

  1. We maintain a relaxed environment inside the dental office
  2. Television in each room
  3. Aroma therapy
  4. Soothing and pleasant music
  5. Special anesthetic techniques to make procedures less painful
  6. Tailor-made sedation techniques to fit your unique needs


Call us and book an appointment with Fresh Family Dental Clinic today and have a comforting dental experience.

Dental Anxiety Management
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